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This software was created to give a graphical representation for role-playing games in a forum. A typical scenario would be an online game, whose dungeon master has a difficult tactical situation and wants her players to actually see their positions, their opponents and the environment, so that they on the other hand can better describe their actions. Or, simplier, to give an overview of newly discovered complex premises.
Now the dungeon master can make a map simply by editing a single file containing a list of terrain and effects, objects and protagonists, then upload it and give the URL to the players to have them watch the situation.


  1. Define the terrain (walls, floor, stairs) with area functions - rectangles or circles, filled or framed.
  2. Place rocks & pits, treasures & traps, chests & barrels, mysterious switches & mystical fountains.
  3. Position temporary and magical effects - again using (adaptive) area functions.
  4. Finally embody your player characters and their companions, monsters and fiends.
Screenshot 1


manual (german)

sample & testing map - 0.90 RC 2

simple map from tutorial 1

palette containing sorted terrain samples



Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Germany


current version:   0.90 RC 1   (2007-10-18)

complete download:   map_0_90_rc1.7z   (71.5 kB)
(includes: sample map, images, language files [en,de], manual [de])
(compressed with 7-zip)



I do not not have specific plans, but I do have a lot of ideas to redo this whole thing in a version 2.0 with modern interactive techniques like PHP, MySQL and possibly Ajax... some time...

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